Selected publications

M. Espinosa-Martínez, M. Alcázar-Fabra, and D. Landeira*.The molecular basis of cell memory in mammals: The epigenetic cycle. Science Advances, Mar 1;10(9) (2024). Abstract.

Gallardo A, Lopez-Onieva L, Belmonte-Reche E, Fernandez-Rengel I, Serrano-Prados A, Molina A, Sanchez-Pozo A, Landeira D*. EZH2 represses mesenchymal genes and upholds the epithelial state of breast carcinoma cells. bioRxiv, (2023). Abstract

Domingo-Reines, J., R. Montes, A. García-Moreno, A. Gallardo, J. Sánchez-Manas, I. Ellson, M. Lamolda, C. Calabro, J. López-Escamez, P. Catalina, P. Carmona-Sáez, P. Real, D. Landeira and V. Ramos-Mejia*. The pediatric leukemia oncoprotein NUP98-KDM5A induces genomic instability that may facilitate malignant transformation. Cell Death and Disease, Jun 10;14(6):357  (2023). Abstract.

H. G. Asenjo, M. Alcazar-Fabra, M. Espinosa, L. Lopez-Onieva, A. Gallardo, E. Dimitrova, A. Feldmann, T. Pachano, J. Martorell-Marugan, P. Carmona-Saez, A. Sanchez-Pozo, A. Rada-Iglesias, R. J. Klose, D. Landeira*. Changes in PRC1 activity during interphase modulate lineage transition in pluripotent cells. Nature Communications, 14, 180 (2023). Abstract

Gallardo A, Molina A, Asenjo HG, Lopez-Onieva L, Martorell-Marugan J, Espinosa-Martinez M, Griñan-Lison C, Alvarez-Perez JC, Cara FE, Navarro-Marchal SA,  Carmona-Saez P, Granados S, Medina P, Marchal JA, Sanchez-Pozo A, Landeira D*. EZH2 endorses cell plasticity to non-small cell lung cancer cells facilitating mesenchymal to epithelial transition and tumour colonization. Oncogene, Jun 9 (2022). Abstract

Pachano, T., Sánchez-Gaya, V., Mariner-Faulí, M., Ealo, T., Mariner-Faulí, M., Bleckwehl, Asenjo, H.G., Respuela, P., Cruz-Molina, S., Muñoz-San Martin, M., Haro, E.,van Ijcken, W.F.J., Landeira, D., and Rada-Iglesias, Á*.  Orphan CpG islands amplify poised enhancer regulatory activity and determine target gene responsiveness. Nature Genetics, Jun 28 (2021). Abstract.

Gallardo A, Molina A, Asenjo H, Martorell-Marugán J, Montes R, Ramos-Mejia V, Sanchez-Pozo A, Carmona-Sáez P, López-Onieva L, Landeira D*. The molecular clock protein Bmal1 regulates cell differentiation in mouse embryonic stem cells. Life Science Alliance, Apr 13;3(5) (2020). Abstract.

Asenjo HG, Gallardo A, Lopez-Onieva L, Tejada I, Martorell-Marugán J, Carmona-Sáez P, Landeira D*. Polycomb regulation is coupled to cell cycle transition in pluripotent stem cells. Science Advances, Mar 4;6(10) (2020). Abstract.

Landeira D*, Bagci H, Malinowsky AR, Brown K, Soza-Ried J, Feytout A, Webster Z, Ndjetehe E, Cantone I, Asenjo HG, Brockdorff N, Carroll T, Merkenschlager M, Fisher AG*. Jarid2 co-ordinates Nanog expression and PCP/Wnt signalling required for efficient ESC differentiation and early embryo development. Cell Reports, 12, 576-583 (2015). Abstract.

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